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Canola Fields
Feels Like Summer
A Good Day 24x30
Morning Light
The Journey 36x36
Grazing on the Knoll
All Adrift
The Gathering
Early Morning
Catching the Last Light
Cloudy Day
First Snow
Quiet Evening
Catching the Last Light II 40x30
Country Road II 24x30
An August Afternoon
Where Time Stands Still II
Evening Glow 48x60
Lighting the Way
Country Roads 24x36
Sun Rays
Fall Field
Straw Bales
Sun Rays
Time Stands Still 48x60
Early Spring Slip of Light
So Much to See
Perfectly Surrounded
Nothin but Blue Skies
The Road Less Travelled
Larger Than Life
Standing Ovation
Cloudy, with a chance of.
Another Beautiful Day
Winter Light Study 8x10
Portrait of a Winter Sky
Snow Capped
Slivers of Light
Silent Night
Going Places
Passing By
Days End
Lazy Day
Standing Ovation
Morning Has Broken
At the Edge of Forever
Monday Morning
Under Southern Skies
Holly Dyrland - Summer Day - Acyrlic
Holly Dyrland - Where Time Stands Still - Acrylic
Holly Dyrland - Prairie Lake - Acrylic
Holly Dyrland - Sunshine, Then Rain - Acrylic
Holly Dyrland - September - Acrylic
Summer Colors
Holly Dyrland - Brilliant - Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Holly Dyrland - October Sky - Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Holly Dyrland - Cole Lake Afternoon - Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Holly Dyrland - Saturated Light - Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Holly Dyrland - July Sky - Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Fall Colors
Rural Route 16x48
Prairie Sky
Winter Whites
Spring Fields
Into the Fields
Alberta Clouds and Fields Study
Thursday Afternoon 36x36
SOLD square foot show 12x12
Open Road II
Something Quiet
Walk down Township Road 512
Away from the Herd
Pasture Lands
All is Calm
Gravel roads and big skies
Pastoral Study
Beauty Beyond Words
Evening Sky
Beauty from Ashes
All about the Cows
All I See is Sky
River Valley
Standing Tall
Long Road Home
Where Hawks Soar
Moody Blues
Sky Patterns
July Sky
Headed in the Right Direction
Cobalt Skies
Canola and Cows
Cows in the Corn
Prairie Glow
Range Road 202
Praire Spring 24x30
Tiny Cows
The Open Road 24x24
Under Building Skies
Bird's Eye View
The Home Quarter
Private Collection
Setting Sun (Over the Red Deer River)
Country Drive
FLock of Birds
Long Shadows 8"x8"
Heading North 48"x60"
Before the Storm
Long Shadows
Prairie Giant
In the Valley
Early Canola 18" x 18" Private Collectio
Fields of Gold II
Pumpkin Spice
Feels Like Home
Summer Sky
Waiting for Pickup
Summer Canola
Fields of Gold
As Far As The Eye Can See
Frosty Afternoon 10" x 20" Framed
Late Autumn Fields 30"x40"
Passing Rain 9"x12"
Angus in Strathcona County 12"x16"
Backroads in Camrose County
Heading North 12"x12"
Valley Detour
Bridging the Gap
Afternoon Drive
Clover and Wheat
First Snow
Curious Onlookers
Across the Water
Endless Farmland and Sky
Red Deer River Valley
Watery Skies
Bringing in the Harvest
Morning Skiff of Snow
First Snow 2
Soft Light on the Fields
Out to Pasture
Hastings Lake Winter
David's Coulee
Lay of the Land
The Road Home
Edge of Town
Winter Bales
Late Summer Greens
Spring Rains
Hoarfrost & Snow
Prairie Sky
Call of the Countryside
Along the Valley - study
Open Road Triptych
Prairie Gold
The Farm at the Corner
Across the Land
Fall Days
Open Road II
Southern Alberta
Chain Lakes
Home "1972-2015"
Arron's Painting
Summer Skies
Calm before the Storm
Open Sky
Open Road I
"Comes the Rain"
Shifting Shadows
All things winter II
First Snow
Around the Bend
Hastings Lake - North Shore
Snow Shadows
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